Sustainability and Social Commitment


The Fundació Antoni Tàpies adheres to the sustainability commitment of the Barcelona City Council. For this reason, the Museum team strives every day to expand measures focused on minimising the environmental impact of our operations and ensuring respect for nature. Thus, we are working towards becoming an increasingly sustainable Museum. And this means not only respecting the environment, but also contributing to the improvement of society and collaborating in the economic development of the environs.


Antoni Tàpies was an artist committed to society, politics and the environment. As he stated in La Vanguardia on 11 March 1986: ‘Today cultural concerns, and aesthetics in particular, are not exclusive to artists, nor can they be isolated from such important issues as Human Rights, public health, ethnic oppression, the preservation of nature, etc.’


These are some of the measures we apply to be more sustainable:

-Promoting the use of public transport to fight against climate change.
-Contributing to energy savings through equipment with maximum energy efficiency.
-Use of sustainable formats for our communication.
-Reduction to the use of water in our facilities.
-Properly managed storage and disposal of our waste.
-Minimising single-use plastic.
-Expanding our commitment to society.


We ask you to help us achieve our sustainability goals by making these measures your own.