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Following the Sun: Belén Barenys


15 June | 19:00-21:00


Public Programme

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Museu Tàpies


€12. Reduced price for individuals under 30 years old and for students.

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The roof of the Fundació Antoni Tàpies is to become an experimental playground for Opimelissa, a collective who cook, sing, dance and lots more. We’ll be following the sun with the gentle irony and humour of Júlia Barbany, the architecture of the catchy electrosong of Petit Ibèric, the philosophical canticles of Max Grosse about the life and lovesickness of an odd sock with a hole in it, the egodilirium of the sharp-penned dramatist and writer Berta Prieto (if you don’t know who she is yet, you’re living in a cave!), the rhythm of DJ, performer and militant for self-governance Meritxell de Soto, the overflowing energy of tender, multi-faceted punkmother Belén Barenys, the experimental Latin music of Deprerreo, the contorted body of Candela Capitán, who denounces the sexualisation of women through convulsive metrics.

Fourth session of the programme Following the Sun, an experimental series of sound and stage performances, presenting nine new sessions by young creative talents. The programme, curated and produced by Carolina Olivares Esturillo, aims to promote the youthful, inexhaustible energy of artists to light up and give new life to Tàpies’ solitary sock that presides over the Fundació’s roof terrace.


Fourth session: Belén Barenys

Once upon a time there was a nerdy teenager who wrote, drew, danced and composed songs. Now she is older and teaches the things she does, but at that time there was only art for art’s sake, poetry for poetry’s sake, without any pretensions. Artistic creation was an intimate act with herself, a continuity of the game of childhood. This performance is the opportunity for that teenage Belén to present her songs, texts and reflections from that time. They’re immature things, cringe-worthy things, but they’re perhaps the most honest and genuine things she’s ever created. It is a tribute to the artistic gesture that is made after the mathematics homework of 2nd year of ESO. Everything that has been buried in notebooks for years will come to light in a performance that closes a circle and celebrates the first times that a teenager dared to be something similar to an artist. Feismo mágico is an autobiographic experimental sound by Belén Barenys curated by Carolina Olivares Esturillo.


Belén Barenys (Barcelona, 1999) expresses himself through writing, interpretation, dance, cinema, art and songs. While she has a career as an actress and backup singer for the singer Rigoberta Bandini, MEMÉ is her musical project in loner which aims to be radically self-conscious, original and unpredictable. With irony as her flag, this artist wants to delve into topics such as the internet, sex or the transition from childhood to adulthood from a personal and honest perspective


Programme curated and produced by Carolina Olivares Esturillo

Design: Ana Habash and Ignasi Ayats. Illustrated by: Eduard Sales

Ticket sales through the Fundació website and at the box office. Limited capacity

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