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Today is Tàpies: Eugènia Balcells – Pilar Bonet


25 June | 18:00-19:00


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Today is Tàpies is a series of conversations across generations and disciplines, led and moderated by arts journalist Rita Roig (Terrassa, 1997) and organised by the Fundació Antoni Tàpies as part of the Tàpies Centenary Year. It sets out to interpret the artist’s texts as a starting point to discuss current issues such as environmentalism, self-determination for peoples, interculturality and the political commitment of art.

The series will encourage people to think about the artist’s words and thoughts though thirteen events at the Fundació Antoni Tàpies involving people from a range of professional backgrounds (arts, education, science, politics, the environment, health and life sciences) and different generations. Altogether it will construct a polyphonic dialogue that will be recorded in podcast form thanks to cooperation with Catalunya Ràdio, in order to recover and experience the knowledge generated in a different format and a different context.


Chapter 7: Towards an emancipating spirituality

In his writing, Antoni Tàpies often talked about spirituality. In the face of the idea that modernity might end up freeing us from faith and religious beliefs, Tàpies argued that spiritual progress had to go hand in hand with the scientific, technological and political advances of the day. Tàpies believed that artists had an important role to play in this progress. Taking up an idea of Paul Klee whereby the artist is “an intermediary, a transmitter or nature”, Tàpies argued that the job of artists was to pass on a spirituality suited to modern times. In this conversation, Eugènia Balcells and Pilar Bonet will deal with the pairing of art and spirituality, a relationship that has existed since the beginning of time, leaving examples that show how creativity has been a way of passing on knowledge of the beyond, of the intangible.



Eugènia Balcells is a pioneering Catalan audiovisual artist. She began her career in the 1970s between New York and Barcelona in the context of conceptual art, and light has become the central theme of her work. Her videos, films, light installations, performances and murals have been exhibited at festivals and museums worldwide.


Pilar Bonet is a university lecturer, art critic and curator. She explores feminism and emancipatory spiritualities, in particular with regard to the contributions of visionary European writers born before 1950, leading her to create a new critical space focusing on graphic, textile and literary creativity by early women in the history of art from a feminist point of view, among them Josefa Tolrà (1880–1959) and the Aragonese Julia Aguilar (1899–1979). She is president of the Associació Josefa Tolrà and director of the Visionary Women Art research group.


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