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With the aim of fostering the country’s creative talent, on 16 January 2023 the Fundació Antoni Tàpies participated in an action to give institutional support to professionals in the design, visual communication and art sectors. In conjunction with the FAD, the Fundació initiated an open call for the creation of a Tàpies Centenary Year logo. The call was extremely well received by the sector and a total of sixty-seven proposals were submitted.


The evaluation of the submissions was conducted by a jury of seven independent members: Pilar Cortada, President of the Centenary Commission; Pau Dito, Head of Publications at the Fundació Antoni Tàpies; Glòria Domènech, responsible for the Fundació Antoni Tàpies Library; Núria Homs, Curator of the Fundació Antoni Tàpies; Pablo Juncadella, Creative Director of Mucho; Sisón Pujol, President of ADG FAD; and Salvador Saura, designer. The jury shortlisted five from the 67 design studios that had submitted ideas for a logo that embodies the creativity of the Tàpies Centenary Year.


Two months after the open call was announced, the jury’s final decision was made public, the winning proposal being that submitted by the Todojunto studio. The studio has taken the cross or X, a recurring symbol in Tàpies’ work, as a central element of the brand. Loaded with meaning, the symbol
holds the logo together, while lending it flexibility and adaptability.


[Antoni Tàpies. Cadira (Chair, 1991). Paint on synthetic fabric. 148 × 207 cm. © Fundació Antoni Tàpies, Barcelona / vegap. De la fotografía: © FotoGasull, 2023.]


The logo is considered especially appropriate for its dynamic, lively and open character, for its unpredictable and daring language that captures Tàpies’ attitude, for its ability to generate movement and a certain volume, and for its eye-catching qualities. For its part, and within the framework of the
Centenary, Todojunto praises the Fundació Antoni Tàpies for its commitment to building new perspectives, connections, links and relationships with the artist’s work. This flexible, open and mutable proposal is a space for reflection and knowledge that illustrates ‘Tàpies’ no-nonsense creative outbursts’.


Todojunto is a Barcelona-based communication and graphic design studio founded in 2007. Their work focuses on a cross-sectional study of the fields of communication, with projects ranging from research into printing using ancient techniques to web page and editorial design. The team consists of Ricardo Duque, Tiago Pina, Leticia Ortín and Alice Tirinzoni, and their independent projects include La Automática, the mobile Fanzinoteca and Dinou.


The logo generated for the Fundació Antoni Tàpies will coexist throughout the entire Centenary celebrations with the logo produced by the Generalitat de Catalunya, which includes a portrait of the artist made by Colita in 1976. The portrait reflects the vital and spontaneous character of Antoni Tàpies, while acknowledging the career of one of our country’s most celebrated photographers.





Links to download the “Tàpies’ Year” logo | Fundació Antoni Tàpies


Links to download the “Tàpies’ Year” logo | Generalitat de Catalunya




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