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Intensive workshop for students with Ghanaian artist Serge Clottey


31 May


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einaidea invites students to join an intensive 3-week workshop with Ghanaian artist Serge Clottey in collaboration with the Fundació Antoni Tàpies, Barcelona. The aim of the project is the collaborative construction of a large mural piece, a modular object made of recycled plastic whose installation will also be accompanied by a performative action in the public space. Selected students will be part of a team working at Eina Bosc in collaboration with Clottey’s team and members of the Afro-descendant cooperative Periferia Cimarronas.

The project emerges from Serge Clottey’s practice around what the artist has named “Afrogallonism”. The abundance of yellow plastic gallons in the African continent visibilizes its geopolitical history as well as its neocolonial present. The reuse of scraps of this material—cut, perforated, and woven by hand—as well as its iteration and repurposing serves in Clottey’s work as a model of redistribution, as well as a vehicle for reflection on the migratory and economic reality on the African continent.

Following the construction and installation of the work Beyond the Skin on the front of Fundació Antoni Tàpies, a performative action will take place on Tuesday 2 July, conceived by Clottey together with all participants.

The workshop/ambush, co-organized by einaidea and Fundació Antoni Tàpies, will take place from Monday to Friday between 13-28 June, from 3-9 pm at Eina Bosc. Each student will receive a remuneration of 250€ for their participation in the workshop.

If interested, please send a short motivation note to before 31 May!